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Welcome to my family history. I put this together after watching the new series of "Who do they think they are!" And making contact with some of my ancestors decendants.

When I started this nearly twenty five years ago now, I found no one researching my family, now there are many of us, all trying to connect with our past and maybe understand our future. Also I have seen many of the older generation pass away over the past few years and this has spurred me on to get the history up so that others may connect with their past.

I have to note here just why I began tracing my ancestors. You see it was an Easter weekend and we were all at my parents. Well when I say all, my great Aunt and Uncle, my Grandmother, father, mother and younger brother as well as myself. We were talking about history and I mentioned that I had a project to do. It was all about families and genealogy. Well that started my Great Aunt and Grandmother and Great Uncle off, they started talking about the family, about my Great Grandmother (who I remembered well even though she died when I was three.) Their father, whom I then found out came from Scotland and was a red head. (Really didn't have a hope as my father's side were all red heads too!) Grandfather had apparently been shot in the First World War and invalided back to Blighty and sunny Eastbourne, or the Summerdown Camp to be exact. He was a Blue Boy! But more about that later.

Then the bombshell, "Oh and by the way we have a 'black' Grannie" said my dear great aunt. Now anyone who knows me or my family will understand the shock of this statement, as we are as 'English Rose' as you can get! My response was "Oh yeah right!" But I'm afraid to say she was adamant. Well another trait I aquired from the Scottish side was obstinacy and I was not about to let this one go either. "I'll show you," I said, "I'll prove who she was!" At the time I hadn't a clue as to how I was about to do that, I just knew I was going to!

Now here we are twenty five years later, my Great Uncle died six years ago of Alzheimer's. My Great aunt is still going strong, attending tea dances and all. And I am Carer for my Grandmother. Who hasn't been in the best of health for a long while now. Oh and as for the 'Black' grannie, well she wasn't exactly black she was Mulatto, came from India born of an English man and Indian woman, and she is still affectionately called the 'Black Grannie' by us all.

I am happy to say that we now have a younger generation coming up and that they are as interested in Genealogy and history as I am. I am sure that my niece will, in due course, go in to some occupation that involves history. Knowing her love for history and Forensics I wouldn't be at all surprised if it isn't archeology. So, with my niece I spend time in records offices and repositories around the country. She also has a great love of the written word and is in her element in libraries. Her next treat is to come with me and her grandparents to the National Archives. Just wait till she sees all the old documents and the library. Actually we might loose her, never to be seen again!

Well now just to let you know just what you can find here in the pages of this website.

The following are links to PDF files of the family trees.

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