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Well if you have arrived at this pge then one would assume that you are interested in looking at our family pictures. I would like to explain a few things before I allow you in to the pictures.
Please read this through before you enter the photos section.

  • Firstly the images that appear in the census sections of each family are taken from the original documents and are therefore primary source information. A couple of things that you might like to bear in mind are:

  • 1) Spelling - Ok this is probably teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, but in the Nineteenth century people were illiterate and therefore there are hundreds of spells of the same name. If you are not convinced try this little exercise. Take the name Constable and see how many other ways there are to spell it. I have fifteen. So get thinking.
  • 2) Ok secondly the copies are as good as I can get them. If you would like a copy of the original then please e-mail me and I will send it to you.

  • The Photographs that appear are all available for any member of the family to copy, but please contact me and tell me that you have copied it. For the elderly members of the family (Nan, Auntie Ann, Barbara, Mum, Dad need I go on!) That means send me an e-mail, people don't need to phone me and tell me that they have downloaded the picture!

    Use the link below to mail me.

    If you are not connected to the family then they are copyrighted to Me and Pendragon Printing and Publishing. Please do not use them as this is unfair and unacceptable. They are our ancestors NOT yours! after all.

  • Do not Link to this page! That is stealing!

  • Ok now that I have had my rant and rave, and yes moan, lets get to the reason that you are visiting this page. To see pictures of your ancestors and family. I have sub-divided the pictures in to Census Images, Churches, Places, Constable, Turner, Fisher, Draycott and Flint. I will then sub-divide the images within the family headings. I will have, Baby, The Early years, School, Organisations, Military, Graves, Family Events.

    I think that about covers every eventuality but if not I will add other headings later. Ok so now you know what and how, the only other thing I need to do is tell you how to save the images, Right click and same image as. Ok So onwards now to the images. Click on the button below and it will take you to the section that you want.

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